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  • Top 5 Popular Aromatherapy Scents
    Top 5 Popular Aromatherapy Scents

    It seems that there is an appropriate aromatherapy scent for your every need. No matter if what you need is to alter your mood, achieve a sense of well-being or relieve minor health conditions, there is a corresponding scent to do the job well. The following are 5 of the most popular scents. Chamomile The…

  • Aromatherapy For Beginners: 10 Tips
    Aromatherapy For Beginners: 10 Tips

    I remember when I first discovered aromatherapy several years ago. I was fascinated by essential oils and excited to try using them. Looking back, I realize I should have done a bit more research before diving into aromatherapy. I offer you the advice I wish I’d had when I was an aromatherapy novice: 1. Buy…

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Essential Oils 101: THe Basics
  • Essential Oils
    What are Essential Oils?

    Maybe you have heard the term “essential oils” but didn’t know what was meant by it. Perhaps you had a vague idea that it was connected in some way with aromatherapy, but didn’t know how. Now is as good a time as any to learn what essential oils are. Essential oils are made from different parts of plants. They can be made from leaves, like peppermint oil. They can be…

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Relaxation & Stress Relief
Relaxation & Stress Relief
Understanding the benefits of essential oils for both relaxation and stress relief is vital to living well and making the most out of life.